Return & Refund Policy

In the return and refund policy of Sahara search, Our products and services are actually acknowledge your purchase. At the time of purchase, we always try to good bond and actual relationship with our customers and we try to avoid the second thought later. Over the year, we are happy because from all our customers we have not experienced with any kind of return and refund request. 

In the future, if we get any kind of refund request from our customers then we definitely consider it seriously and try to keep the best session with our customers, starting the process easily and try to solve our issues as soon as possible.

We have a refund policy for the following services which is given below:-

  • All QuickBooks products or plans can be exchanged within 30 days. The starting date will be count from the invoice date.
  • SaharaSearch does not accept any professional services, insurance fees, shipping, and product training.
  • If in case, the shipment is split during the delivery then do not lose away the package. the receipt can help you to file a claim.
  • The insurance fee and the shipping payment are non-returnable.
  • We will not accept any kind of use items after 30 days of refund.

We always try that the customers satisfied with us, we give them service first after we charge for the service. Customer can cancel their order within 30 days notice period. All advances or payments made for service returns are non-refundable. In order to work out Your proper cancellation, You have to tell us of your choice through a clean statement.

Our first priority is that to connect with every client and their requirement with our services. If you face any issue with services and products purchased by us and want your money back which is made by us, then you can contact us directly with the same name of customer, email address, contact number, and the payment transaction ID that you registered at the time of purchasing. We will be happy to deal with you.